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Watch Me Do My Step


Michael Camarata

Hold my hands, my love.
Dance with me.
Hold me down.
Grab my butt
And push your tongue
Against the top of my mouth.

I love when you hold me close.

Hold up!
You expect me to forget
And just let go of certain shit?
I hold grudges, you know.
Wanna grab some boob.

I just can’t seem
To let go of what’s in front of me here.
Buy me tacos and tell me I’m pretty,
But I think you’ve captured my heart.
Can I grab your booty?

Kiss and hold me for awhile.
Grip my waist.
Grab me by the neck
And slam me against the wall
Like you mean it.


Trying to keep my grip here.
Life is short, after all.
I feel the grip of imposter syndrome most days,
But only cry
When I feel my grip on life slipping.

Now that I think of it, I kinda. . .
Ah, okay, my bad.
After all,
Who’s gonna hold me down better than I?













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