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Normal After All


Michael Camarata

Heroes don’t pat themselves on the back
For a job well done.
You can’t expect brilliant people
To be less vulnerable to depression.
Freedom of choice, my friend.

How long is it supposed to take
To recover from the feelings of loss and anguish anyways?
Mood can often veer towards despair
When taking life into your own hands.

We hide the roller-coaster of our lives,
Our horrification.
From absolute elation to utmost desolation,
We strive
To somehow be “normal,”
To maintain a path somewhere in between
Elation and depression.

There are moments I want to scream!
Instead I whimper a bit and smile.
Beneath the mask
I see a giving, humble and beautiful person…
Flawed, yes.
But then, aren’t we all?













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