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Just Another Brawl


Michael Camarata

I’m signing autographs in Spanish.
Yo, it’s wild out here!

What was that boy thinking?
Can’t believe he punched
That random stranger in the face.

Is the Swede gay?

We’ve all suffered.
Life is pain, anxiety and wickedness.
I only wish you were there to defend me.

I couldn’t speak,
Couldn’t form the words –
Only fists.

Thank you for your unconditional love.
It’s painful to imagine yourself
Without someone you care about.

I’ll lose myself in anguish for tonight –
The freedom of hard earned wisdom.
Then there will be some more
Serious anguish in the morning.

I breathe you in,
Though battered by anguish
And thick-headedness,
And sigh.
You are gone in the sky,
But I might just see you yet.






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