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Michael Camarata

Ah, the psychoactive side effects of THC.
Couldn’t have said it any better.

The pizza hut buffet bar slowly blurs:
Faces Melt,
Nerves transform,
Anguish in every limb.
Good thing we have social media to keep us informed.

We push ourselves
Because we have to,
But the lack of quality sleep
Can lead to depression.

Some people have no choice about neatness, right?

Pain has a reflection.
Depression is part
Of the human experience.
Oh, the mental waste and anguish
Of wishing and not doing.

So happy to be home
For a long weekend.
It’s been a week of elation
And utter dread:
Sadness, happiness, depression.
Nothing captures full elation
Other than your dog
Welcoming you back home.
Evaluating options, still.

Help A Lover Out!

You say that you are pregnant,
But I have no idea
What to do with that information.
It gave me a lot of anguish,
Disbelief and shock.

I can’t even begin
To describe the elation I feel,
Yet I know
I am going to be
In acute mental pain. . .
Just keep thinking
“Our problems
Are gonna all work out.”















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