Create your own #SocialPoetry

Anyone who wants to create their own #SocialPoetry can certainly do so. This is how I go about the process:

1. Choose the tweets that interest you. I like to create a widget on a specific subject. Emotions are a good place to start. Just be aware that certain terms are over used and do not create the best results. For instance, a lot of people will use the general phrase “my pleasure,” so creating a widget on “Pleasure” will tend not to bring up a lot of interesting or unified results. With careful selection, it can still be used. Just be aware that you are probably going to get fewer useable results.

2. In a writing program such as Word, create two equal columns.

3. Copy and paste the results of your tweets into the second column so that you have all of the pertinent information about the tweets to properly credit any you use.

4. Read all of the tweets and see if there is a theme or idea that stands out. You can copy and paste any words or parts of lines that fit this theme into the first column if you like so that you can see them more clearly. It would be better to leave a little space at the top to rearrange them into your poem.

5. Into the first column, cut and paste the words and lines into an order that fits your poem. It is often better to start with the first line so that you have a clear direction to the poem, but if certain lines seem to naturally fit together you can certainly do so. Be ready to put words from different tweets together, add your own words, change tenses and develop your own punctuation to make the poem flow better. The idea is to make the poem into your own creation.

6. Even though the creation is of my own making, I always prefer to credit the tweets that inspired them. For my website I like to look the tweets up on twitter and embed them next to the poem for easy reference.

7. Use the hashtag #SocialPoetry to post your work on Twitter for others to see,
either directly (if it fits) or through creating a screen grab or other picture.

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