About #SocialPoetry

One day I was reading a series of Tweets and was struck with a sense of awe at how well many of them flowed into one another, as if they were lines or stanzas in an ever ongoing and evolving poem. I knew that with just a little careful selection and editing they could be transformed into something truly amazing. So I set off to do so.

#SocialPoetry, one word with the hashtag as opposed to Social Poetry, is poetry that has been sourced from social media. Individual words and snippets of lines are often taken, mixed around, edited and punctuated, and melded together into an original and cohesive poem. I like to think of it as poetry from the minds of the masses. The words of others, or the ideas and emotions that come through when they are looked at as a single unit, become the building blocks for a wholly new and unique creation.

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